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Good quality products at great prices.

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We strive to offer good quality products at great prices. We aim to provide good value for your money. That is why you should shop with us. Add free delivery (by mail) to the mix and it seems like a great reason to shop with us!

About WRS Store

About WRS Store. WRS Store is an online store which aims to offer a wide range of everyday items to customers everywhere (except Quebec), including free shipping. WRS Store is a division of WRS Web Solutions Inc. and is based in Canada. (WRS Web Solutions Inc. has been in business since 2010, and it operates in Canada (induing in Quebec) as an internet service provider (registered with the CRTC), and from Canada it offers potential customers worldwide (except in Quebec) web hosting company services, including offering domain names, web hosting, a website builder, and various other web solutions.) In terms of 'Privacy Policies' this website operates under the laws of Canada, and we respect your privacy.


Most WRS Store products are shipped within a couple of days of the customer placing the order. They are usually shipped from warehouses in China, by China Post, direct to the customer. They will be delivered by the postal service of the county in which the customer resides.

Sales Taxes

Applicable sales taxes are charged by WRS Store (a division of WRS Web Solutions Inc.) on all sales to Canadian residents, based on the customer's shipping address, (but only to Canadian residents).

GST/HST Registration No. 813963451 RT0001

QST Registration No. 1225221070

BC Registration No. PST-1104-4713

Sales taxes are not charged (by WRS Store) on sales to residents of other countries.


Prices will usually be displayed on the website in the currency of the customer's home county based on their IP address. At the checkout the actual sales transaction will normally be processed in the equivilant amount in Canadian dollars. We use PayPal to process all of our sales, including all credit card transactions as well as payments from PayPal accounts.

Customs Duties

In the event that any customs duties (and/or sales taxes) are charged by the customs agents of the county in which the customer lives, paying those customs duties (or sales taxes) would be a customer responsibility. (If the county you live in tends to charge duties on products coming from China, you may wish to research that before placing an order. We are unable to do that research on your behalf.)

Products Not Offered To Province of Quebec Residents

Due to technical reasons beyond our control, it is not possible to make this website available in the French language. For that reason, (and so as to abide by The Charter of the French Language), we are not offering any of the products on this site to residents of the Province of Quebec, Canada. Thank you for your understanding.


If you have any questions please use the 'Contact Us' button below to ask them, ideally prior to placing an order. :)

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We are always working to improve this website. Your feed back is appreciated. If there is a problem, please let us knows (so we can try to fix it), but if yours was a great experience, please let your friends know!

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